Christmas Reed Diffusers



Christmas Reed Diffusers


Each diffuser comes gift wrapped in cellophane with red ribbon and includes:

-Glass jar filled with the oil in the scent of your choice.

-10 reeds.


Shake the bottle well before use. Unscrew the silver lid from the jar, pull out the travel safe seal. Screw the silver lid back onto the jar. Unwrap the reeds and place them in the jar. Flip the reeds once a day for optimum scent throw. Take care when removing the travel seal and when flipping the reeds to not spill any oil.
It’s difficult to say how long a reed diffuser will last, as there is many factors that can contribute to this such as fans, heating, humidity, open doors etc. However, as a general rule you should expect your diffuser to last for approximately 2-3 months. The strength of reed diffusers are more concentrated in smaller rooms/rooms where doors are predominately closed for example bathrooms and bedrooms and more subtle in larger/more open plan areas.
For optimum fragrance you can turn the reed sticks once a day, alternatively some people like to turn them once a week or whenever they want a scent boost from the diffuser.
Over time the reed sticks will become completely saturated with the oil, this means that they have clogged and have stopped diffusing, once this happens you can replace the reeds with new ones or purchase a new diffuser.

We use 100% pure & natural sweet almond oil as a base for our diffusers, so the oil will not evaporate. The strength of the fragrance will gradually reduce over time.

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Candy Cane, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Tree, Frosted Cranberry


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