Perfume Melt Box



Perfume Melt Box


Each box is filled with 12 wax melts in our designer perfume inspired fragrances:


x4 Lime Basil & Mandarin


x4 Pear & Freesia


x4 Peony Blush Suede


Use 1-2 wax melts at a time in your burner. Place the melts into your burner, allow the wax to melt for approximately 30 minutes at a time. You can remelt the same wax multiple times and the scent will gradually reduce with each burn.
Allow the wax to heat up in the burner for approximately 60 seconds, use the palm of your hand to pop the wax out of the burner dish. Discard of the wax.
Box size: 6 x 6 x 6cm.
We currently only test our wax melts in tea light burners so we are unable to guarantee how they will melt in your electric burner. Our wax has a melting point of approximately 55 degrees centigrade, some electric burners may be unable to reach this heat in order to melt the wax.

The colours of each wax melt may vary due to both the hand-poured nature and that computer screens may differ.


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